Brow Audit - Let Us Help You Take Your Brows From Good To Great With a

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What is a Brow Audit? 

The Brow Audits Consulting calls are our way of bridging the gap from good to great Brows, in a way that is convenient for you. Its a way for you the student and myself to elevate your brow technique by pinpointing  exactly where you need help to take your work to the next level. Brow audits can be scheduled and completed via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime in increments of 30 min or 60 mins

Who is a Brow Audit Recommended for?

Brow audits are recommended for those that have been previously trained and certified in Microblading, Manual Ombre, and Powder Ombre Brows and wanting some assistance to elevate your brow technique. The  Brow audit can also be used to ask any type of brow business related questions. This is your time to "pick my brain"!

Why is the Brow Audit Beneficial? 

  • Its completely done online - I can coach you on the spot, when you need the help! No need to mess up first! Have a question or problem schedule a brow audit. 
  • Convenient- Work in your own comfort zone, no need to spend money on travel get convenient help when you need it.
  • Flexibility - Choose the amount of time you need.